By Amanda Sergeyev

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The library science major has a long history that stems back to 1921, according to the “World Guide to Library, Archive and Information Science Education.”

When it was officially labeled as ‘moratorium’ at KU, it implied that future students would not have the opportunity to enroll.

Gwen Barrows, library science major, said, “I’m really excited that we have it back because for the last year we’ve been working hard to save our program to show its importance.”

Perkins said, “we presented a plan to update and improve the library science program and thanks to the support of the Provost and the President we have been given the go ahead to implement our vision for our programs.”

Library majors are learning to adopt and transition with the evolution of libraries worldwide as they start to implement resources driven toward a new world order that is consumed by technology.

“We already have an excellent track record of helping to place our graduates in good paying jobs with benefits and paths for advancement. We have one of the highest retention rates on campus in our department due to our caring academic environment. We also offer experiential learning through campus employment in the library and fieldwork,” said Perkins.

The revision to the major at KU demonstrates that the classes of future library science majors will adapt as the culture evolves.

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