By Shantae Taylor

oxfam jam

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, Oxfam America hosted an Open Mic night at Young Ones record store. The 2nd annual Oxfam Jam aimed to gather support for the recent Nepal earthquakes.

“This event is for the crisis that occurred in Nepal between April and May. Over 9,000 people died and there are still 8 million people who are severely affected by it,” said Kayla Meehan, president of the Oxfam organization at KU.

The show featured 17 acts with musical genres ranging from acoustic to hip-hop. Students were able to perform songs for up to 10 minutes.

“We decided to come by and play music. We’re doing it to support the cause,” said Tyler Wells, a KU senior.

Attendees were able to donate money in order to win some of the raffle prizes. Gift cards from local business like the Frying Dutchman donut shop, the Uptown Espresso Bar, the Kutztown Tavern and Betty’s ranged from $10 to $15.

KU students Emily Boeglin, John Hirschmugl and Kim June also created hand-wrapped necklaces in an effort to increase donations.

The Oxfam Jam turned out to be a widely acknowledged success, raising a little over $200 in donations during the three-hour show.

“The money will go toward rebuilding the communities [in Nepal] and working toward getting clean water. Oxfam partners with several outside sources, and they are trying to build filters and wells for the shelters. These emergency shelters are for the people who lost their homes,” said Meehan.

According to her, this isn’t the first time this organization has helped communities and residents. The club president said to look out for the Hunger Banquet scheduled for this spring.

The Oxfam club currently meets every Monday at 5 p.m. on top of the Bear’s Den in the McFarland Student Union Building.


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