By Angelina Sirak

The fall semester is just beginning and it is never too late to get involved on campus, especially in athletics.

The KU offers a wide array of recreational activities including sports like basketball, soccer, wrestling and many more.

Football and rugby ball graphic courtesy of Cambrea Roy, The Keystone.
Football and rugby ball graphic courtesy of Cambrea Roy, The Keystone.

The opportunities and advantages from playing a club or NCAA sport at KU are endless.

Regardless of students student status, all are welcomed to give it a try.

By participating in at least one sport, athletes can enjoy being in a positive atmosphere, while also exercising and getting the chance to socialize.

Senior scrumhalf Erica Papp on the KU Women’s Rugby Team said, “Coming onto a team of 25 plus girls was interesting…the melting pot of personalities was incredible. Everyone is so unique in their own ways.”

Not only do sports provide a great way to meet other students but they also encourage them to build trusting friendships.

Papp said, “The biggest thing playing on a team teaches is that it’s okay to depend on others… meaning, it’s okay to ask questions… and allow yourself to need others.”

Interacting on a team allows students to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

According to Papp, “a team is a collective group of people who strive for the same goal.

“Not everyone is the same and can contribute in the same ways… but that’s why we help and push each other-because we’re a team. A family. A unit.”

If managing time and keeping up with grades is a worry, KU also provides a great support system to keep student-athletes on the right track on and off the field.

Sophomore linebacker Devin Bradley said, “Playing football affects my grades in a positive way. The coaches are on top of them just as much as we are, if not more.

“We have academic checks where the coaches question us about our classes at the end of every week.”

Study hours are also set up for the teams to help with time management.

Getting involved boosts confidence as Bradley said, “Joining the Kutztown football team was definitely a good choice. The guys on the team are great… The coaching staff is great. It’s something that I am very proud to be a part of… The sports here at Kutztown meet my expectations.”


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