Students say food options on campus are inadequate

By Naomi Alamo

We should have more choices for eating on KU’s campus. KU has many options to choose from, but not options that we like. There are more options on the north side of the campus for students to choose from that should be available on the south side of campus as well. I have heard a lot of complaints from my friends about this, so I wanted to know if there were more students who felt this way too. I have found that the majority of students here at KU agree, there should be more food options on campus.

I surveyed students on campus regarding the food at KU. Out of the students who took the survey, more than 65 percent said that the food on campus “could be better” or “isn’t good”. Those same people said they want to change the food options that we have.

More than half of the students who took the survey eat 8+ times a week on campus. When asked what they’d like to have on campus, the common phrases that I saw mentioned were “Chipotle”, “Chinese”, “sushi”, “vegetarian”, and the word “healthier”. The north side of campus has better options than South Dining Hall; however, all the dorms and the students who live in them are closer to South. If KU had new food choices at South more students would enjoy eating on campus.

The hours that the McFarland Student Union Building and Academic Forum close are another issue. Most students agree that they should stay open almost just as late as the South Dining Hall does. Most people that I’ve talked to eat more at the AF and MSU. If everything stayed open later, more students would be satisfied.

I have also talked to students who would rather spend their money off campus and eat the same thing everyday because they say it is better than eating the food here on campus. However, if students live on campus, they are relying on the food on campus. There are great options on Main Street, but the prices are ridiculous. Why should students have to spend extra money to get decent food on Main Street when they have a meal plan here on campus?

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