By Ashley Fries

Ashley Fries, Opinions Editor Photo courtesy of Hub Willson
Ashley Fries, Opinions Editor
Photo courtesy of Hub Willson

It is with a bittersweet heart that I say farewell to all of my readers out there.

I cannot express how much it has meant to me to have you reading my section for the past two years.

Time flies. I blinked and I went from being a sophomore to a senior. I will miss writing for The Keystone, but I hope you continue to read!

It has meant so much to me to see anyone holding The Keystone, all the compliments I have received and all of the wonderful words of appreciation and encouragement I got.

I especially loved the emails I received from people I wrote about. It was simply amazing.

I absolutely loved working on the newspaper and will remember it as a part of my college experience for the rest of my life. While I do not graduate until the spring, I will be much too busy with my internship to be the Opinions Editor any longer.

I will miss everyone I have worked with and met because of The Keystone. I will never forget this time in my life.

I am saddened to see this part of my life, this chapter of my life, come to a close, but I am also eagerly looking forward to what the next chapter holds.

I sincerely thank you, all of my readers, for reading every issue and I hope you have enjoyed them.

I know I sure enjoyed writing and creating them for you.

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