By Samantha Kahres

When moving away from home many college students will find it hard to find a sense of ‘home’ in their new environment. Many students will have this problem until they have that moment that makes them feels comfortable and it finally clicks. Many college students come to find not only a home, but a backbone, and a family too. Some students find these people through their major, a sports team, or though a sorority.

Many students right now are going through the process of finding a place to live next year and finding friends that they would like to live with. During this process, many students may come to a roadblock because of an old law: the Brothel law. This law states that more than six unrelated women living in the same place is considered a brothel and it is illegal.

What would you do if you were told you could not live with your new family because of this old discriminative law? This is the case for many sorority sisters and even regular students as well because of the so called “brothel law.” This is wrong because it is discriminative to women’s rights when men are allowed to have as many people of the same gender as they want in a house. Men are allowed the right to have fraternity houses with all of their members living in them. Sorority sisters will never get to experience the bond of living with all their sisters because it is banned.

This law is irrelevant to our issues in today’s society. The Brothel law was made up so long ago and with all the rights women have today, it is completely unfair that men have this right and women do not. It is demeaning and needs to be fixed. When asked about the brothel law no one can really give us any more evidence than saying it’s a law and it cannot be broken. Without showing any evidence of the law should make anyone suspicious of its validity. Either way this issue needs to be fought and changed. It only takes one person to make a difference. Look up the facts and get down to the bottom of it and fight it.

2 responses to “Housing Rights”

  1. apparently the law is a myth. people use it to explain the crappy deals a lot of sororities get with housing compared to frats. the real problems aren’t so simply accounted for. like, why is it that on some campuses, the sorority houses have to be dry while the frat houses don’t? there’s a lot of institutional sexism (and racism) to combat at universities, but the “brothel law” myth only acts to deflect blame from universities that do little to account for the discriminatory roots of the US tertiary education system.

  2. here’s the snopes article, just ignore the fact that it ends on a somewhat creepy note:


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