By Jessica Serrenti

In an interview on Sept. 29, ABC news reporter George Stephanopoulos talked with former President Clinton about the government shutdown. Clinton said President Obama should not negotiate with Republicans because the risk of the health care bill not passed by the U.S. House will lead to worse consequences for the people. Having gone through a government shutdown during his presidency, Clinton said in the interview that the negotiations he had to make were minimal compared to the issues concerning the health care bill.

President Obama should be negotiating with Republicans. The fact that Clinton is claiming that the health care bill is important means that Obama has more of a reason to compromise in order to save what he can save in the bill and so the debt ceiling can be fixed on time.

Representatives are in government to compromise. Because everyone has the freedom to think differently, representatives help make sure their parties have an equal say on political issues. The government shutdown did the opposite of what is supposed to happen in a democratic government. If there are laws or bills that are of great importance, then the worst action to take is to not negotiate with the other party. Shutting down the government so close to the debt ceiling should add a sense of urgency in the president and representatives to come to a compromise quickly.

People who are not working because they have government jobs are waiting for a compromise. Regardless of how these people view the health care bill, they want their jobs back. The longer legislators delay negotiations, the longer these people are waiting. In this case, the shutdown has made the government look weak. Instead working towards giving both parties an equal say, legislators have allowed the government to shut down and leave people out of work.


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