The 85th Annual Academy Awards takes place this Sunday at 7 p.m. on ABC. For those of you who are not so much into the movies, let me make an analogy that you’ll understand: the Oscars are the Super Bowl of motion pictures. For the past year, actors, directors, editors, writers, sound effects guys, costume designers, production designers and composers have lost sleep and social lives over the movies nominated to win the prestigious golden naked man statue. So, it’s kind of a big deal – for them, and for the audience watching, hoping their pick is the big winner.

The only two movies that I find myself thinking about this year are Argo and Les Miserables. I believe all three of these movies had what it takes to win big in each of the categories they were nominated in. And let’s be real – the only categories that really matter are Adapted/Original Screenplay, Directing, Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role/Leading Role and Best Picture. The other 16 categories don’t really matter. They are the section of the Oscars that everybody flies through, and I mute on my TV screen.

I have to admit that I have not seen all of the movies nominated this year (I never really do), but then again neither has everyone else. I find that there’s always one or two movies thrown into the mix that truly seem to come out of nowhere. For example, this year’s Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild. Where did the Academy pick up those nominations? My guess is the Indie market. Unfortunately, those are usually the under dogs that win big come Oscar Sunday.

This year, though, I believe in a higher power. There has to be a greater being out there who will allow Les Miserables to win Best Picture. I did not sit through 158 minutes of death, sadness and more death for nothing. And I will be damned if Anne Hathaway does not win Best Supporting Actress, because anyone who heard her rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream” knows that she deserves that award.

However, if all that I believe to be true is wrong and Les Mis does not win, my second prediction for Best Picture is Argo. It has been sweeping out the competition at the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards, but I do not believe it has what it takes to win big at the Oscars, unfortunately. When the nominations were first announced, I was a little taken aback that the movie’s director and lead actor Ben Affleck did not receive anything. I was absolutely certain that he would have received a nomination for Directing at least. Many prominent directors and actors in Hollywood seemed insulted for him that he was left out of this year’s ceremony.

Enough time has came that Affleck has no hard feelings towards the Academy. I’m sure winning Best Director in multiple other film festivals and awards ceremonies has helped soften the blow as well.

Whatever happens this Oscar Sunday, I hope that the best motion picture wins. I know that Les Miserables is a favorite, but that nothing is absolutely certain at the Academy Awards. Like the Super Bowl, who you think might win is not guaranteed, but all the prediction and play-by-play means nothing. It only comes down to the players. Let the best picture win!

By Mary Pickett

One response to “Predictions for the 85th Annual Academy Awards”

  1. Wow so where to begin. First not a single mention of Lincoln or Silver Linings ? Umm ok because of all the movies mentioned Lincoln is likely win the most awards of the night and silver linings could be the surprise of the night. Second, how can you talk about the academy awards if you haven’t seen at least all but one or two of the films? You must not be that big of a film buff if Beasts of the Southern Wild surprises you. Expand your horizons and go see some movies, then write about it. Also Les Mis is not a favorite outside of Anne Hathaway. Argo or Lincoln wins best picture or beasts of the southern wild pulls an upset.

    “Enough time has came that Affleck has no hard feelings towards the Academy”.. Brain does not compute that grammar, but i’m sure Ben still has hard feelings for being robbed…. I think you’ll find the Oscars much more enjoyable if you watch all of the movies up for awards before the show airs. You’ll get a lot more out of it and you’re future movie articles will reflect that. The movies even the “small indie ones” are easy to find, some theaters have days where they show all the oscar films, and there are always advanced screeners that leak online many months ago if you go the pirate route.. Happy movie watching!

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