Today is Valentine’s Day. The expectations and V-Day pressures go without saying: if you’re single, today sucks; if you’re in a relationship, you’re expecting your significant other to get you candy, roses and a big stuffed bear holding a heart that says “I Love You” (if you’re a female). For these and many other reasons, today does in fact suck.

The expectations kill Valentine’s Day because no one can be truly happy if you’re dreaming about the absolute best, unique thing your boyfriend or girlfriend could do. It’s just not going to happen. But I’m not here to talk about what I would want to receive from my boyfriend today. He’s not going to read this, so it’s not going to matter. I’m here to tell you that V-Day is over-rated. I agree with those of you who think there should not be one decided day of the year where boyfriends are demanded to go the extra mile, or be cast away if they don’t.

I have been in a relationship for the past five months, with a guy that I’ll call Chris. Things have been going well, and I’m excited to spend this year’s V-Day with my first valentine. But that does not mean I’m expecting the world from him. If we’re being realistic, we’re both in college and graduating within the year – we do not have money to be spending $100 on one night. We’ll probably do the classic date night: dinner and a movie. Nothing big and nothing extravagant. At press time, the destination of the dinner had not been decided, but I’m secretly rooting for Olive Garden. Nothing says romance like that Olive Garden mood-lighting and breadsticks.

I’m choosing not to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. Sure, it would be awesome if Chris surprised me by coming to pick me up with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, but our relationship is not defined by what he’s holding when I open my door. Whether he is empty-handed or holding a single rose, I will enjoy my night all the same because I will be spending it with him. Plus, I’m getting a free dinner out of the experience. I would gladly take the free dinner at Olive Garden over a box of chocolates any day.

This Saturday, Chris and I are going to see Mumford & Sons perform in New Jersey. We bought our tickets months ago, before it was sold out. That is what I am most excited about. We could have a romantic date night with flowers any day of the week; we will only be able to see a big folk band that just won the Grammy for Album of the Year once or twice in our lifetimes.

Tonight, I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, but I will be spending the majority of it daydreaming about Marcus Mumford.

By Mary Pickett

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