One by one, the leaves fall from the big Oak, layering themselves among one another in an arbitrary manner. The emerald greens and browns begin to crystallize in some sort of a winter wonderland. The weather alters drastically at this time of the year; don’t allow your workouts to do the same.
Running in the winter can be our biggest kryptonite. The frigid temperatures, tight muscles and numb fingers don’t bode well with this occasion, but you can’t let a little frosty feeling control your workout regime.
Bundling up is extremely important. I prefer to wear Under Armor’s long-legging spandex. They provide great comfort (without the seams), flexibility and trap the warmth. It’s really not about style, but they do come in a variety of the basic colors.
The run could seem unbearable at first. Maybe you can’t quite catch your breath or get your muscles loose. This could be a result of not properly warming up. Our muscles are stubborn and they won’t work the way you want them to unless you give them what they want: a warm-up routine. Allow yourself a good 10-15 minutes for warm-ups to properly prepare your body. Whether it’s a short, mid or long distance run, the quality of performance is up to you.
Our bodies are a living inferno. They want to be kept warm constantly. When the cold weather reaches our insides, the instant reaction is to work even harder to keep warm. This essentially burns more calories than a hot summer’s day. Or so the theories say.
The hardest thing about getting any winter run in is actually making the choice to do it; putting on your workout gear and making the step out the door. Once this step is mastered, you’ve already gone further than most people who continue to hold off. Make the choice for a good workout, sweat out toxins, strengthen your cardio vascular levels, tone your muscles and shape your butt. You’ll feel better hitting the pillow at night.
Once you’ve reached the finish line for your run, there is no greater feeling than knowing you just made a positive difference to your body. Embrace the cold; use it to your advantage.
The time will come when inconsistent droplets of water begin to melt away from the earth, leaving a wintery residue behind. The air begins to warm and the trees begin to breathe. When spring arrives, you’ll be more ready than ever to face your toughest workouts.

By Kristen Slack

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