Keystone Staff List – Spring 2019

Editor-in-Chief: Collin Stettler (

News Editor: Position available
Assistant News Editor: Position available

Freeform Editor: Donovan Levine (
Assistant Freeform Editor: Position available

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Shelby Otto (
Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor: Maddie O’Shea

Sports Editor: Bonnie Charles (
Assistant Sports Editor: Position available

Copy and Line Editor #1: Ella Luzzi (
Copy and Line Editor #2: Rebecca Schweitzer (

Social Media and Promotions Manager: Matthew Bandy (
Social Media and Promotions Assistant: Position available

Business Manager: Kyle Siebert (
Assistant Business Manager: Position available

Website Manager: Emmanuel Douge (
Assistant Website Manager: Position available

Photography Editor: Brittney Baldwin (
Assistant Photography Editor: Justin Parry

Graphic Designer: Position available
Assistant Graphic Designer: Position available

Circulation Manager: Kaitlyn Leckie

Recruitment and Retention Manager: DJ Greenzweig (
Assistant Recruitment and Retention Manager: Position available

Adviser: Dr. Michael Downing

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