By Josemiquel Santiago
Contributing Writer

A new trend has arisen on popular social media platform, TikTok, where users try the new neon shadow filter which adds a glow effect around the subject being recorded.

TikTok users have recorded art, cars, tattoos, clothing and more using the neon filter in attempts to find the most satisfying visual. According to frequent TikTok user Sydney Schmall, the simple addition of a new filter has increased the traffic on the already popular platform.

 “There’s a total of 1.4 billion views specifically on the TikToks that use this filter,” Schmall said.

Users are encouraged to tag #NeonShadow on posts created with the filter, so that the videos are filed into the trending page. According to Schmall, only 14 videos that were listed under the trending page titled “Neon Shadow” actually used the filter.


The trend did not spread widely, but it did cause an impact in the engagement between the platform and its users. The app is known for using small trends, such as the option to use the top song being used, hashtags and links to filters, to encourage and increase engagement.

According to Social Media Professor Matt Tincani, social media filters have become popular within the platform because they add an element to the creation process of a TikTok video.

“Most users focus their work on a specific hobby or interest and use the filters to create more engaging and diverse content,” Ticani said.

TikTok user Jiselly Fajardo used her profile to create a fashion blog and continues to use filters to engage with her audience.

“Filters are a great part of TikTok because they’re fun and because people can create some really cool content. It’s used as a tool for some but also as entertainment for others which keeps the app running,” Fajardo said.

Users like Fajardo continue to challenge each other to see who can find the most satisfying visual, which brings more attention to the app and the trend in general. She says that trending content, such as filters, can also be used for inspiration when trying to make a TikTok.

“We’re using filters and hashtags to showcase user’s creativity and to include another form of expression that helps them create their content. They can also promote themselves by creating content using the most trending filter or hashtag,” said Jenna Palek, head of production for TikTok.

Filters have impacted the popular social media application, but they are only a small advancement of what is yet to come for social media websites in general.

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