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10-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift is set to begin the process of re-recording her entire discography within the next few weeks. 

Swift, who has a total of eight albums, is now able to start the re-recording process of her first five albums because Scooter Braun, a record executive who recently acquired Swift’s old recording label Big Machine Records, had sold the rights to Swift’s albums and songs without her consent to do so.

“…Scooter Braun, a record executive who recently acquired Swift’s old recording label Big Machine Records, had sold the rights to Swift’s albums and songs without her consent…”

Swift’s original contract with Braun’s Ithaca Holdings ended this November and restricted her ability to re-record her own music. Now, she has announced her plans to start the process of re-recording her old songs, ensuring she finally has full ownership of her work. 

Swifts fans were quick to make “#TaylorIsFree” trend on Twitter in support of her. 

However, the process to get there has not been easy for Swift. Just this past Tuesday, Swift announced a statement on Twitter that Braun went behind her back and sold her master recordings for a total of $300 Million, once again without her consent.

According to Swift via her Twitter, the masters were sold off to a company called Shamrock Holdings in October, and Swift was only made aware of this sale after it had gone through. Shamrock Holdings reached out to Swift in hopes of working with her throughout the process of her re-recording, which Swift was initially open to. 

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However, Swift quickly learned that if she went through with this, Braun would still be making a profit off her music as per the terms of his deal with Shamrock Holdings..

Braun attempted to get Swift to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep her silent and ensure she would be unable to speak out against Braun ever again. The NDA would also make it so Swift would not be able to bid on her own lyrics unless she signed and agreed to the terms. 

Swift declined to sign this NDA, and continues to speak out against the treatment Braun has given her.

While Shamrock Holdings may have the rights to stream or sell Swift’s work in whichever way they please, they were not granted the synchronization rights, and they do not have access to the income in the publishing rights of Swift’s works, which she has no intention of granting them.

Despite the bumps in the road, Swift says she still has plans and has already begun the process of re-recording her work, ensuring that she will own her own recordings. Swift is determined to make sure Braun is never able to make money off her again if she can help it.

It will be interesting to hear how her songs have grown once the re-recordings are released. 

Swift fans at KU are also very happy to hear the news. “I was thrilled to hear my childhood favorites will be re-created. These songs hold special memories that bring me joy every time I listen to them,” said Shalaika Gonzalez, a KU student.

As Swift begins this process of re-recording her old work, it is clear that this is an emotional event for Swift, and it is exciting to see her take a step forward in gaining her work back.


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