Sabrina Betterly
Contributing Writer

On Nov. 10, Lindsey Stirling released a new music video, “Guardian,” to go along with a song in her newest album, “Artemis”.

Stirling, an American violinist, songwriter and dancer, has been active in her musical endeavors since 2007. She has a knack for incorporating her violin into her songs and dabbles in many genres, such as classical, pop, rock and electronic dance music. 

This new music video, “Guardian,” is visually gorgeous and set outside in the autumn scenery of a forest, a mountain, and inside a cave next to a waterfall. Stirling wears dresses that either match the background or pop out, while she dances and plays her violin. 

Watching Stirling dance is captivating and listening to an instrumental only song is something I’ve come to really enjoy since I began listening to Stirling years ago.

Some songs in this album contain lyrics, like “Love Goes On and On,” which features Evanescence singer Amy Lee, but most of them showcase her violin and are only instrumental, as Stirling is not a vocialist. 

The music videos show off some impressive group choreography, such as those shown in the music video “Til The Light Goes Out.” 

Stirling has released many albums over the years, including self-titled “Lindsey Stirling”, “Shatter Me”, “Brave Enough,” Christmas album “Warmer in the Winter” and “Artemis.” She’s done an abundance of cover songs on her YouTube channel, dating back to when she made the channel in 2007. 

Her channel also contains dancing videos and her original work and eventually evolved to include releases of new music videos. One of my favorite videos is a rendition of “Phantom of the Opera” released in 2012, where Stirling puts her own creative twist on many well known songs from the musical. 

Stirling is an amazing violinist, and if this article piqued your interest, I encourage you to check out this artist and her chatty violin, starting with her newest video.

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