By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

On April 17, Netflix premiered their first season of a reality show called “Too Hot to Handle.” Starring attractive young men and women from around the world, the show forces contestants to compete in celibacy for $100,000. With something as simple as a kiss costing the group thousands of dollars, vacationing in Mexico with a bunch of other singles has never been so painful.

While the main focus of the show is to not participate in intimate activities, that doesn’t last very long. As the group starts coupling up, searching for their best match and seeking out those they find most attractive, things start to heat up. But when some of the singles start lying about their actions to the group, A-I host “Lana” spills the truth and breaks relationships apart.

However, whenever couples grow on a more personal and emotional level, they are given the green light to participate in intimate acts, allowing monogamous couples to kiss and grow together physically. 

The more promiscuous singles in the group don’t have the same privileges without facing financial consequences. All members of the group get the chance to grow with those of the same and opposite sex via group exercises like Shibari, Heart Warrior and Yoni Puja.

By the end of the show, some singles leave and others get kicked off, with multiple finalists remaining. “Lana” announces the winners, and each person left standing walks away with what’s left of the initial $100,000. 
You can watch “Too Hot to Handle” on Netflix.

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