By Jenny Wallace
Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Oct. 14. KU’s cinema department released the second episode of their KTV series.  KTV is a variety show of music, arts, comedy, KU hacks, local events and movie reviews.

Brought to you by Lacey Derr, Noah Reinhart, and Mike Raineri, the first segment, “Artisan Authority,” featured a man named Sidney Coltart who talks about his passion for carving model sailboats. 

Using all kinds of wood from trees surrounding his home, Coltart made numerous boats of all shapes and sizes. Carving them gives him satisfaction and being able to look at his finished creations brings him joy.  

Coltart also wrote a poem that talks about the significance of his model boats. In describing what the poem is about, he said, “Someone that will never sail the seas but his heart is in the water…he can still enjoy and imagine what it’s like on a sailing ship with one of these boats.” 

The second segment, “Binging with KTV,” featured KU students Jade Sweetwood, Liam West, and Daulton Smith. They reviewed 80’s movies like “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “The Breakfast Club,” with Sweetwood rating both movies 9/10. 

“St. Elmo’s Fire” discusses the harsh reality of life after college using a non-linear storyline. “The Breakfast Club” is a classic film that deals with building friendships outside of stereotypical high school cliques. 

The third segment, “KU Cuisine,” includes a recipe and instructions for a loaded cauliflower dish. The ingredients list starts at 12:56. This segment was produced by Brianna Hyndman, Sierra Wanamaker and Alec Barber.

The fourth segment, “What’s Hot in Kutztown?,” is about searching for the hottest wings in town. This episode featured Mamma’s, a popular pizza shop on Main St. While these wings were crispy and delicious, they were not Kutztown’s hottest.

The final segment, “What’s the Scoop, Bro?,” featured Alec Barber as interviewer “Scoop” who sought out locals driving on Main St. for in-traffic interviews. While most encounters failed, Scoop found a few victims willing to chat, some speeders and some not, a semi-truck willing to give the crew a honk and even a driver who allowed them into his vehicle. This segment was made possible by Adam Buonasera, Nick White, Alec Barber, Kaitlyn DiRico and Brenden Harnly.
KU Cinema, Television, and Media department faculty member Cara Cotellese was the executive producer for this KTV Episode.


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