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Review: “Pitch Perfect 3” provides plot twist

By Shelby Otto
Contributing Writer

The “Pitch Perfect” movie franchise made its debut in 2012. The movies are based on a college student named Becca and her reluctant participation in the university’s entirely female a cappella group, the Barden Bellas. After eventually finding herself, as well as some good friends within the group, the audience follows Becca’s adventures throughout her time in college.

The recently released “Pitch Perfect 3” serves as a closure to the first two movies. When the movie first begins, the audience isn’t exactly sure what to expect since the previous two movies both start out at Barden University. The audience is thrown for
a loop when they first catch a glimpse of Becca’s life in the real world, which returning fans were not accustomed to.

The film’s opening makes the audience wonder if this movie is going to live up to the humor and drama that ultimately seems to go along with the previous films. However, “Pitch Perfect 3” lacks nothing in humor, drama and sing-alongs. Though some of the old characters are missing from this latest screening, it is more than made up for with the vibrant personalities of the new characters and the conflicts that arise with them against the beloved Bellas.

Each one of these new characters brings something to the screen that which hasn’t been seen before in the first two movies. The three a cappella groups that the Bellas are up against introduce new troubles and barriers that the girls must overcome. Though not the sing-offs that are generally anticipated, the audience can sense the new techniques the producers used to throw off fans and really serve up a surprise ending.

The new movie is also unique in that it explores the reoccurring, humorous character, Fat Amy, and her mysterious past more than it has ever before. In a sense, there are two stories that are told within the movie, which is new and exciting for Pitch Perfect fans.

Fans wonder why the movie makers decide that now is a good time to explore Amy’s past until the major plot twist ending, that is hinted at during the first few seconds of the movie. Following the drama and anxiety of Amy’s story, we get to see where the girls’ lives and decisions will take them and see through Becca’s journey in the real world.

Despite the “Pitch Perfect” movies being often predictable and formulaic, “Pitch Perfect 3” is successful and pleasing in its inclusion of new characters, new issues and an ending to wholly finalize Becca’s story.


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