By Justin Sweitzer

With my undergraduate academic career nearing its end as the calendar slowly inches its way toward May 2018, I frequently find myself reflecting back on my time here at KU.

I owe a lot to this university: it has a beautifully-maintained campus for students to view and enjoy every day, various opportunities for personal, academic and professional growth as well as a slew of activities and events for the campus community to engage in.

Sorority gathers for a campus event – Photo courtesy of Alli Landino

Even with all the positives that KU has to offer, college in general can offer a lot of stressors that can impede student life or lead to increased levels of anxiety. There are also times where many of us can often feel as if something is missing from our college lives.

Finding a home in the form of a campus job or organization can be what alleviates the stress and anxiety of college life and turns our college careers into something much more memorable.

Such campus spaces can range from fraternities and sororities, to intramural sports teams, to community service organizations to campus media organizations.

Presidential Ambassador Alex Hayashi consults advisor Mary Neuenschwander – Photo courtesy of Alli Landino

In my own personal experience, it took me a few tries to find a club that fit my interests and my personality, but once I did it transformed my college career, offering a community of fellow students with similar interests, allowing me to pursue my passions and make mistakes without repercussions.

Obviously, I’m referring to The Keystone, here. But there are endless opportunities for students to get involved with organizations tailored to their specific interests that can benefit them both personally and professionally.

If you’re into media, The Keystone, Kutztown University Radio and Spotlite offer opportunities to get involved with newspaper, radio and television production, respectively.

If community service is more your thing, maybe get involved with Love Your Melon to help children who are battling cancer.

Want to better serve your fellow students? You can run for numerous postions on KU’s Student Government Board. Or if event planning is more your style, you can join the Association of Campus Events to plan what types of events are held at KU.

These are just a few examples of what students can participate in, and there are numerous others out there to suit the interests of any student. If there’s any advice I have to underclassmen at KU, it’s to get involved with a club on campus because once you find the right organization for you, it will change your college career for the better.

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