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2016 election: A toss-up

By Shelby Slifer

After a few intense months of racing for the nomination, the GOP and Liberals have narrowed down our possible leaders to a boastful and bigoted reality television personality and a controversial political figure under scrutiny.

Neither candidate has been completely satisfying to the parties—one particularly less than the other. As Donald Trump becomes more outrageous, many times over preaching what some would find fit, Clinton continues to appear steady in her promises.

Throughout the past months, Trump has single-handedly divided a once-united party and Capture.PNGinsulted scores of communities.

Hillary has been accused and cleared multiple times, only to fall back under suspicion for her lost emails.

Most recently, Trump’s administration has fabricated stories on Hillary’s health. Trump supporters who haven’t fled to the Democratic side seem to like his ‘outspoken’ nature rather than his policies.

The nation’s justice system has suddenly become flashy words and theoretically great plans and policies. Hopefully this election will help to establish stricter guidelines for future presidential nominations.

With this as the tip of the iceberg, and so many other details in between the media storylines, the presidential race is one for the records. It almost seems comical, most particularly from the Republican standpoint, until the reality of the circumstances settles in.

Do we trust some hateful mouthpiece with a stellar track record of bankruptcy in finances? Or do we trust our nation to the hands of a woman with background knowledge and a record that suggests she can rule and steer the system, even if she has been criticized for flawed judgment?

Needless to say, many find issues in both. In the end, our votes matter in the direction of where the country will lead. Come November, a choice will be made on who will reign in the oval office.

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