By Gabriela Laracca

Daily Grind.jpgDaily Grind, a Pittsburgh-based rock band, is set to release their new album, ‘I Did Those Things,’ on Misra Records on May 13.

Members of the band include lead singer Brad Hammer, bass player Matt Majot and guitar player Myles Mahoney. They are currently in the process of changing drummers. The band is set to embark on their third nationwide tour this May.

The band was formed at the University of Pittsburgh in 2012. They started as a 90’s cover band with the original name, ‘College Presidents.’

The new name was created one night when the members were sitting around and Majot tried to figure out what they all had in common. They realized that they were all on a “daily grind,” and that’s what inspired them to change their name.

‘I Did Those Things’ falls into the classic, alternative-rock mold with an invigorating sound that can be heard throughout the entire album. With songs like ‘Unaccounted For,’ this album is perfect for getting pumped up. The band said that creating this album was the most fun they have ever had as a band.

Not only does the album feature the hard, alt-rock sound, but it also features emotional, slower (but not exactly slow) songs such as ‘All My Friends.’

Hammer, who wrote most of the lyrical content for the album, contemplated taking a break from music just before this album’s creation. After working a non-musical job and being away from the scene for a while, he realized music is what he belonged doing.

Some of the lyrical content was inspired by the “emotional reaction to not being in a band anymore,” according to Hammer. Being surrounded by music all of his life, some would say it was his calling.

“I think [music has] had a lot to do with the emotional side of my life. There’s something about music that probably humbled me and opened my eyes to different perspectives,” said Hammer.

Hammer started singing in early adolescence and has been playing the piano since age 10. Hammer attributes his father’s piano playing while growing up as his inspiration for playing.

In middle school and high school, Hammer was made fun of for his musical talents and quit singing until junior year when he rejoined the choir.

“It was kind of funny how it came back around for me. The same kids that would make fun of me in middle school were the same ones who show up to our shows and be super loud and real inspired by what we were doing,” said Hammer.

Hammer wishes to tell fans that “No matter what you’re doing, just believe in it whole heartedly and go for

it. Just don’t give up. Do what you want to, do what you love.”

The album will be available at Best Buy, iTunes, Amazon music and on Spotify.

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