Dear Keystone,

Good afternoon, I am Nykolai Blichar, parliamentarian of Student Government Board and one of five executive board members that was not included in the article released on Sept. 3 depicting the new members of the Student Government Board executive committee. The president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary were all included, leaving me out of the equation.

I had found out about the article just yesterday and was informed by my fellow executive board members that they had been reached out to by the individual who wrote this article. I, on the other hand, had never even received an email or knew that this article was being published. My executive board also neglected to inform me about the article because they had assumed that the writer had included all of our members and had everyone’s information.

I understand that mistakes happen, however this article does not fully represent the executive board of the Student Government Association accurately and leaves out an important member. The parliamentarian is an essential member of the five individuals who sit on our executive board. As parliamentarian, I interact with student organizations reviewing their constitutions and I am currently working to establish a Diversity Standing Committee alongside ACE, RHA and other standing committees.

I would like to say that it is highly unprofessional that the writer did no research prior to make sure that all the members of the executive board were reached out to. I must also point out that the writer did not request information from one of the executive board members they already interviewed to ensure that all members were reached out to. I am emailing you so that this type of mistake does not happen again to anyone else. I hope to hear back from you or your members soon.

Note: The Keystone recognizes the seriousness of the mistake. The staff deeply regrets the omission and has contacted Nykolai Blichar to ensure the SGB executive board is properly represented.


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