He Said: Food

Food is by far one of the most fantastic things on this planet. Food is what brings people together. When a teacher says, “We are having a multi-cultural day,” what is the single thing that everybody contributes? Food! In some ways, food is kind of like money. What makes money so fantastic is the fact that you can use it for just about everything; you don’t need to have a specific item to trade for whatever it is you want to buy. Money is “fungible.” There is a good college-level word for you.

Food is similar because eating is an activity that can be used for many functions. You had a great day? You celebrate by getting yourself some pizza. You see your best friend having a terrible day? Take him out for a pizza to cheer him up. Feel sick? Eat some comfort food. Don’t know what to do with your friends? Get food. Any holiday or gathering worth celebrating? Food is there.

What I find strange about many people on this campus, however, is that many students seem to forget that it is important to enjoy what you are eating. There are about 10,000 taste buds on the tongue, and all of them are just waiting to tell your brain how excited they are. The way I see some people eating, however, leaves me wondering if the food is even hitting the person’s tongue, or if they are woofing it down so quickly that their taste buds never get the chance to enjoy their single purpose. Slow down. Take some time to appreciate the textures and flavors that the cooking staff has worked so hard to prepare. The body is more than a car that needs fuel to run.

Recently, several of my friends have been asking me about this thing called “my health.” Some of them are concerned about my eating habits and whether or not I should consider choosing a more nutritious diet. I will admit that I basically eat like crap. I would probably be overweight by now if it was not for the hefty amount of exercise I get at my job. In order to stem this eventuality of becoming the stereotypical world view of what American society is like, I have started to cook my own food. This obviously is healthier than simply microwaving food or ordering out. By perusing websites such as, I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed possible for men to cook more than sticking bacon in the microwave or grilling up some steaks. Guys, we have the potential. Cooking your own food is that much more rewarding because not only are you stuffing your belly with delicious cooking, but it is food that you made yourself. Take the power into your own hands.

Here are some final pieces of advice. If you do not have a kitchen at present, find someone on campus that does and become their friend. It is easy to make friends when you cook for them. Enjoy your meals, because denying your body that right should be considered a crime.

By Mike Metz

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