Students to apply to KU using Common App

By Donovan Levine
Lead Writer

Every KU student can relate to how stressful the college application process can be for high school seniors. Many wish it could be a lot simpler. Well, today’s seniors may have that very opportunity.

KU has joined over 900 other universities using the Common App, an app that helps improve the college application process for high school seniors worldwide. The Common App is a non-profit membership organization created to re-imagine how students apply to universities of their choice. The app is especially helpful for first-generation college students who don’t have family to rely on throughout the process.

Using the app gives you three options: “Explore,” “Plan” and “Apply.” “Explore” locates and compares any college based on location, application rates for first-year students, application rates for transfers, campus size, enrollment size and financial aid rates. It’s also not limited for US universities; it includes universities in Canada, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, China and Japan.

“Plan” offers video essays and graphics on why college matters, how to make college affordable and how to roadmap your college experience. A separate and similar panel is also available for parents, as well. 

“Apply” allows you to create a profile, add universities to a list, post requirements such as transcripts or SAT/ACT scores and make a final application.

The app has other features like counselor toolkits, application guides for first-year and transfer students, member toolkits and family resources. It organizes and keeps all of your application progress and resources in one place rather than scrambling from one university’s website to another.

It operates like a multi-tool utility app that can be perfect for students with little to no knowledge on how to apply to college going into their senior year.

KU has already begun accepting applications through this site.

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