Thick and arched eyebrows make a comeback

By Shamin Malik
Contributing Writer

Face shape determines the most flattering eyebrow style; however, the current trend does not follow that rule anymore. Now, women are defying their natural eyebrows in order to achieve thick and arched ones.

This type of eyebrow begins from the inner corner of the eye and ends a little over the outer corner of the eye. The thickness of the eyebrow should be natural and only slightly overfilled if needed. The arch begins where the outer corner of the eye is and then drops down to create an aesthetically appealing look.

Eyebrow grooming is becoming a global occurrence. Salon shops and barber shops now offer the opportunity to wax, trim or thread eyebrows.

When waxing and threading are not enough, products like pomades, pencils, tints and gels are the next essential step in order to achieve the ideal eyebrow.

“I don’t wear makeup, but I have very scarce eyebrows that I’m insecure about, so I try to fill in the troublesome areas with the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz,” said Nikoll Heras, an Ulta customer.

“Well, the brow wiz is about $24, and if I want to treat myself, I get them threaded, which is about $25,” answered Heras when asked about her average expenses.

This phenomenon is creating the idea that achieving the perfect eyebrow is a skill that one must acquire or get done professionally, no matter the price. The focus is now automatically drawn to a well-groomed pair of eyebrows.

Women are not the only ones falling under the eyebrow spell; men are also following the pied piper to a well-groomed eyebrow.

Pedro Perez is a man who takes pride in upholding his appearance, starting with his eyebrows.

“I have naturally even eyebrows, but when I make a trip to the barbers, I get a small trim to keep them looking clean,” said Perez.

“I sometimes let my girlfriend trim my eyebrows because she’s obsessed with them,” continued Perez.

Getting his eyebrows trimmed has become a bonding moment between Perez and his girlfriend.

Those who do not share Perez’ naturally perfect eyebrows might need other assistance to achieve it. This has become easily accessible thanks to Ulta’s Benefit Brow Bar.

The Benefit Brow Bar offers different brow services to pamper yourself with. That includes brow styling (natural, feathered, straight, bold and angular), tweezing, wax, trimming, mapping and tinting.

They thrive on making their customers leave the store feeling and looking more beautiful than ever through perfect-looking eyebrows.

Benefit Brow bar specialist Aaliyah Pintos said, “Women usually come in here hoping to get full eyebrows as seen on YouTube, but the reality is that not everyone is meant to rock that style. For example, Asian women usually have straighter eyebrows. Instead of changing them to be arched I suggest enhancing the eyebrows beauty and keep the natural growth of it while adding a little bit more fullness.”

The amount of money Heras spends on her eyebrows struck curiosity on how much other women are willing to spend.

“The most popular styling option we have is the bold and angular brow which is thick and arched. That costs $22, along with all of our other styling options. The most expensive service we have is the brow tweeze at $24, but a lot of women like to combine brow wax and tint which comes out to $34. Separately, a brow wax comes out to $22, while the tint is $20. Our cheapest service is the brow trim, which is just $6,” informed Pintos.

Having well-groomed eyebrows says a lot about a character, whether you go to a barbershop like Perez or fill them in like Heras. It shows the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the curtain of making eyebrow decisions.


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