The Keystone Reports: PASSHE bookstores update from Dr. Downing

By Samantha Paine

In the Nov. 9, 2017 issue of The Keystone Newspaper, we published an opinion article entitled, “Let’s Work Together to Keep the KU Bookstore on Campus.” Although the article generated a fair amount of interest and conversation, both on campus and off, it did contain a factual error.

The original article indicated that both the Howard University Bookstore, along with the Clarion University Bookstore, had moved off campus. This is not correct. While the Howard Bookstore is located off campus, the Clarion University Bookstore is on the Clarion University campus.

According to Dr. Downing, the reason for his error was a result of miscommunication. “When I visited the campus and stood in what had been the site of the previous campus bookstore,” he said, “I was told that the bookstore had been moved and was now ‘down on Main Street’.”

When he Googled the location, he found this image:

Actual location of bookstore – Photo courtesy of Google Maps


“I thought I had my result,” he said. “The map shows the Clarion University Book Center located near the corner of Route 68 and Main Street, which is not on campus.”

However, the actual location, denoted by the red dot on the map, is on university property.

“Pardon me for not running right down there to see the new off-campus store,” he said. “I wasn’t very happy about the prospect of the bookstore being moved downtown. Plus, I wasn’t thinking about writing an article at that point, so I didn’t walk down there to verify the location.”

Apparently, Clarion University did some renovation within the past couple of years and put student housing on Main Street, along with the university book store.

“I apologize for the confusion,” Dr. Downing said.

Getting all of these facts right is just the first step of many. The Keystone plans to produce a series of articles that focus on trends in the college bookstore industry, with particular attention being placed upon the trend of how third-party vendors, such as Follett and Barnes and Noble are affecting the traditional college bookstore model, as well as how that may or may not impact the KU Campus Store.



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