KU plans to renovate recreational facilities

By Anthony Sneska
Contributing Writer

KU is in the planning stages of renovating the recreational facilities on campus. Recreational service employees are hopeful that the renovation will take place in the summer of 2018 and be ready for use by the fall semester.

As of right now, officials are working on finding a contractor to do the project.

“The project is looking like it will happen, but getting the floors re-done is up in the air,” said Amy Sandt, the director of KU’s recreational services. “The cable machines, weights and cardio equipment all need to be replaced.”

The cost of the project is yet to be determined. However, “the cost will be covered by the student’s Rec Center fees,” said Sandt.

Students pay a $137.00 fee per semester and the university is hopeful that the fee will be enough to cover the full renovation.

The renovation to the Recreational Center will affect gym-goers as well as intramural sports. Many students on campus feel the need for new and updated equipment and show enthusiasm for the upcoming change.

“I am hopeful that they will replace all free weights, cables and squat racks,” said Daniel Kelly, an employee at the Rec Center. “A lot of the equipment always needs maintenance and is a lot of work for us who work here.”

The strength equipment is 11 years old and the cardio equipment is six years old, both of which are over warranty and due for an upgrade.

“There are always elliptical machines that have ‘Needs repair’ or ‘Out of order’ signs on it,” said Liam Moughan, a junior at KU and a daily gym-goer. “It is definitely an inconvenience during busy hours when there isn’t enough equipment for everyone.”


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