Mary Eicholtz updates SGB about new GenEd program for Fall 2018

By Emily Sconzo
Contributing Writer

The Student Government Board recently got a detailed update on the new General Education program intended to go into effect for students in Fall 2018.

Mary Eicholtz, who is a part of KU’s communication studies department and chairs the General Education Assessment committee, went to the SGB’s Oct. 24 meeting to discuss the new General Education plan that could go into effect for the Fall 2018 freshman class.

This program would allow all students to have the same grid sheet for general education.

Instead, there would be 42 credits to be taken, a first year seminar class, and would give flexibility to transfer students from other colleges and universities as well as KU students who would want to change majors.

According to Eicholtz, “Students will be able to shape their own educational program with lots of different opportunities and multiple paths to completing requirements.”

Eicholtz supplied packets that were the provisionary versions of the grid sheet and categories within the new program. Eicholtz and a team from 14 different departments on campus have been working on this for a year.

After this discussion, Eicholtz opened up the floor to questions from the board and concluded by stating that the vote for this new program would be held on Nov. 30.


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