The beach is something we all look forward to in the summer time, whether we actually go or not. It is a place of relaxation, of sunshine and salt water. It is like freedom, life and youth combined into one place. Going to the beach with your friends is something you dream about (when you can’t go) and brings you closer to them (when you can go). But going to the beach is kind of a big deal. It’s hard trying to get the money together, to get a place to stay and to get all the food and drinks packed up into someone’s car. In short, it’s a lot of work.
Sometimes, it’s almost like it isn’t worth the drive for a few days. You take off a week from work, (a welcome vacation), but then spend all your time wondering what you might do for the next few days when you get sick of sitting in the surf and sand two days in. And when you get back to work, your trip has broken the steady cycle of acceptance of your real life. It’s back to the old grind.
Packing is probably the biggest problem. Ladies, you know we as a group tend to over-pack. What if it’s cold? What if I spill something? What if I go out? There are so many options and ideas that we tend to stuff our suitcases and duffle bags until the zippers snap. That might not include our makeup, shoes, accessories, sunglasses and that obligatory straw floppy hat you bought at American Eagle Outfitters that you only wear once a year. And what do we pack for? A few days, to just have to unpack it again a few days later.
Beaches can be super crowded as well. By the time you head out of your hotel or house door, you enter the biggest rush to get the best spot on the beach. I mean, who wakes up early on vacation to get the best spot because no one is on the beach at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday? You’d be a fool! Then, once on the sand, you have to deal with – and it might sound cliché, but – the masses. The crowded beach might make one question their sanity. Ladies and gents of all ages, shapes and sizes are all over in the skimpiest clothes possible, and children run around only to kick sand on your towel as you’re trying to sunbathe.
Everyone needs a little vacation sometime, but it might not be as worth it as some people think. Sure, the tan you get is fabulous, and the smell of the saltwater and sound of the waves is unlike any other, but tans can be faked and the sounds of the ocean can be downloaded on iTunes. Plus, you waste less gas and money. A staycation might be just as good, if not better.

By Kayla Reichle

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  1. this is so depressing

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